About Us

GLSynthesis Inc. is a chemistry-based company engaged in custom organic synthesis and manufacturing, drug and chemical product research, and product development and sales. GLSynthesis Inc. was founded in June 1996.The company headquarters are in the Massachusetts Biotechnology Research Park, Worcester, MA.

GLSynthesis performs laboratory scale (custom) organic synthesis for major US and international pharmaceutical companies, startup drug discovery and "virtual" companies, biotechnology companies, and academic and research institutions.

The company carries out drug discovery and development research, including synthesis, pharmacokinetic studies and pharmacological testing of drug candidates, through corporate contracts and small business (NIH) grants. We are developing the Fluorosome® Technique for passive and active drug absorption studies, and are actively marketing the reagents and equipment.

We manufacture specialty organic chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates and supply these products to customers worldwide. With our expanded operations in China, we provide customers with a full range of chemical manufacturing services, from small scale custom synthesis, to FTE-based contract synthesis, to pilot scale and commercial scale manufacturing.

GLSynthesis - Your Chemistry Partner


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